Version History

V 2.2.0 June 11, 2024

1. Add support for Abema.

2. Support saving Atmos audio from Netflix.

3. Enable to switch sites without restarting.

4. Fix Load Failed or Failed 6000 under Netflix ad-supported plan.

5. Mitigate Failed 1629 on Netflix video.

6. Optimize 5.1 audio download on Amazon video.

7. Fix Failed 6000 on YouTube video.

8. Fix some other bugs.

V 2.1.4 March 21, 2024

1. Add support for Crunchyroll.

2. Fix Netflix Error UI3013 and M7111-1331 issues.

3. Fix Failed 6100 issue of Netflix videos.

4. Fix the download failure issue on H.265 mode.

5. Fix some other bugs.

V 2.1.3 February 23, 2024

1. Support downloading videos from NHK+.

2. Fixed a crash issue that happened on Paramount+ and Discovery+.

V 2.1.2 January 26, 2024

1. Fix the "browser update required" issue caused by the Chrome upgrade.

2. Fix the "Load Failed" issue for Amazon Prime Video.

3. Solve the problem of no download button encountered by Amazon Business Prime users.

4. Fix some other bugs.

V 2.1.1 January 24, 2024

1. Add support for U-NEXT, Apple TV+, Peacock TV, DMM, Discovery+, and Hotstar sites.

2. Support dark mode interface.

3. Fix Failed 6135 issue.

4. Fix some other bugs.

V 2.1.0 January 05, 2023

1. Improve the download speed when hardware acceleration is unavailable.

2. Fix Failed 1629 issue of Amazon Video in some cases.

V 2.0.1 December 14, 2023

1. Enable keyword and link search in the URL address box.

2. Add 540P option to Advanced Download settings.

3. Fix the problem of "Please make some updates" or "Waiting for log in" when downloading Netflix videos.

4. Fix possible lagging during playback of the downloaded video.

5. Fix error 6001 of Amazon video download.

6. Fix bugs and other optimizations.

V 2.0.0 October 27, 2023

1. Adopt new UI.

2. Improve Netflix/Amazon download speed.

3. Solve the problem that Netflix videos can only be downloaded in 480p.

4. Fix the problems caused by the recent Amazon revision.

5. Greatly improve the loading speed of TV series.

6. Support downloading videos from

V 1.2.0 May 25, 2023

1. Optimize the stability of downloads.

V 1.1.1 February 09, 2023

1. Fix Failed 6200 and Failed 6001 issues on Amazon site.

2. Fix the problem that Discovery+ cannot be used.

3. Fix the problem of incomplete display of certain Netflix episodes.

4. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.1.0 January 13, 2023

1. Solve the problem of being stuck at 100% for a long time when downloading Disney+ and HBO Max videos.

2. Fix the issue of failing to download certain videos from Disney+.

3. Improve the download speed and success rate when saving hardcode subtitles for HBO Max videos.

4. Improve download speed and download success rate when downloading videos from Hulu US, Hulu JP, Paramount+ and Discovery+.

V 1.0.3 November 30, 2022

1. Improved download speed and download success rate.

2. Add the notification of successes and failures after downloading.

3. Fix the download failure issue in certain cases of Amazon Video.

4. Fix the problem that Hardcode subtitles mode doesn't work of Disney+.

5. Fix the problem of being unable to load all seasons on the Amazon UK website.

6. Optimize the interface display of Paramount+ and Discovery+ sites.

7. Some other minor updates.

V 1.0.2 October 27, 2022

1. Optimize the solution to Failed 1614 and Failed 1500.

2. Add support for Polish.

3. Fix the problem of incomplete display of episodes caused by the revision of Netflix.

4. Support downloading videos from Paramount+ and Discovery+.

5. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.0.0 July 22, 2022

1. New release.