A Powerful Hulu Video Downloader for Mac

TunePat Hulu Video Downloader for Mac

  • Download movies & TV shows from Hulu on Mac.
  • Support downloading videos in MP4 & MKV format.
  • Support downloading videos with high resolution.
  • Keep several subtitles & audio tracks (including Dolby 5.1 Sound).
  • Support up to 25 languages. (Check supported languages >>)
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    *NOTE: TunePat is a home edition and it's only for personal use.

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    Hulu Video Downloader

    Awesome Features

    fast download speed
    Faster Download Speed
    download hd videos
    High-Definition Videos
    smart search
    Intelligent Search
    no ads
    No Advertisements
    easy to use
    Easy to Use
    stream hulu video
    Stream Your Preferred Hulu Video on Mac

    Stream Videos on Mac

    To enjoy excellent online videos on the Hulu streaming service, a stable internet connection is required. And you must be ready to be interrupted by ads while you're watching a video using an ad-supported account. If you want to watch Hulu content offline on your Mac computers without limits, TunePat Hulu Video Downloader is a perfect fit.

    It adopts the most advanced download engine, which enables you to quickly download your favorite titles from Hulu. With it, you can enjoy Hulu videos offline on Mac anytime anywhere without being hit by any advertising interference.

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    Ad-Free Viewing

    An Immersive Ad-Free Viewing Experience

    Every time the plot of the Hulu video we watch reaches its climax, there are always some boring ads inserted. This ruins our good mood. TunePat, therefore, develops the skip-ad feature to help you get rid of all the ads.

    Regardless of whether your Hulu subscription is ad-supported or not, all downloaded videos are guaranteed ad-free. Therefore, download and try TunePat to free yourself from all the annoying ads.

    smart search
    Smart Search

    Smart Search by Keyword and URL

    TunePat makes it possible for you to flexibly decide whether to search and download Hulu videos by their keywords or URLs. For example, if you only want to download "The Valet", copy the URL of it from the Hulu web player and paste it into the search box; while if you want to find every related video, simply enter “The Valet” into the search box, the related videos should be listed in seconds, then you can freely choose what you might need.

    Moreover, all the information on the videos like the release year and duration is well saved so that you can effectively manage mass downloads on your Mac.

    MP4 / MKV Format

    Export HD Videos in MP4 / MKV Format

    One of the important features of TunePat Hulu Video Downloader is that it enables you to store any Hulu video in MP4 or MKV format which is widely supported by many devices and media players.

    In terms of quality, you can choose to download Hulu videos in High, Medium, or Low quality according to your device storage. The maximum quality is 720P. If you want to improve the resolution of videos, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is recommended to get the best 4K videos, even up to 8K.

    subtitle & audio
    Subtitles and Audio

    Keep Multilingual Subtitles and Dolby 5.1 Sound

    As video streaming rises globally, most videos from Hulu will come with multilingual audio tracks and subtitles. TunePat Hulu Video Downloader for Mac empowers you to select all available audio and subtitles in case you need them.

    TunePat is capable of downloading Dolby Digital 5.1 cinema-quality sound. And it also supports three subtitle modes: Internal subtitles, External subtitles, and Hardcode subtitles. Switching during playback of the video to different subtitles is possible.

    Video Codecs

    H.264 and H. 265 Video Codecs Supported

    TunePat allows you to save Hulu videos in the most 2 popular codecs: H.264 and H.265. You can choose a better format based on your need for resolution or storage.

    H.264 (AVC), compresses information more efficiently than H.265 (HEVC). And H.265 video files don’t take up as much storage space, and they require less bandwidth to stream. While H.264, an industry standard for video compression to deliver good video quality at lower bitrates, spends much less CPU than H.265 does.

    video codecs
    fast speed
    Fast Speed

    Download Movies and TV Shows with Fast Speed

    TunePat Hulu Video Downloader allows you to add a whole season or multiple videos to the download queue and will handle them one by one automatically, which saves a good amount of your time. Furthermore, a movie can be downloaded in just 20 minutes, and a TV show in just 10 minutes.

    It supports macOS 10.15 and later. With TunePat, you can download a wide range of Hulu videos on your Mac computer and watch them freely on many devices.

    Customer Service

    Free Technology Support and Efficient Customer Service

    TunePat always updates its software to meet all your needs for keeping up with the times. TunePat has a professional technical developer team and a well-trained after-sales service team to help you with any problems you may encounter while using the products.

    TunePat also guarantees that your emails will be responded to within 24 hours on business days, and that the teams will actively solve practical problems for you to relieve all your worries.

    fast speed

    How to Use TunePat?

    log in to hulu

    Step 1.

    Sign in to Hulu
    general settings

    Step 2.

    Choose the output settings
    add hulu video to download

    Step 3.

    Search for Hulu videos to download
    choose advanced settings

    Step 4.

    Pick advanced download settings
    download video from hulu

    Step 5.

    Download video from Hulu

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    “Such a wonderful tool to help me download Hulu movies and TV shows. With it, I can download and play Hulu videos on my MacBook, iPad, and any other device. I’m so appreciative of it.”

    John Smith.

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    “I'm so happy to find this functional tool, the excellent Dolby sound makes me feel like I'm in a movie theater. And it frees me to watch the downloaded Hulu videos anytime and anywhere.”

    Daniel Luther.

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    “TunePat Hulu Video Downloader is definitly a great choice for those wanting a good Hulu-watching experience! Because the videos were downloaded without ads and in excellent audio quality! Thank you for your excellent app.”

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